Selling pre-loved designer and ethical fashion brands. Fighting human trafficking with fashion.

Ethical Fashion & Policy

Guilt Free Shopping

Ethical fashion may be concerned with the preparation, production, distribution and the environmental impact of clothing.  The clothing can be made of organic components and with ethical stamps such as fairtrade organic cotton. Designers use only safe and chemical free components that are eco friendly and without any side effects. The clothing may be second hand (covering vintage, recycled, upcycled, rewear, preloved) which means the items are recycled. Instead of throwing the clothing into landfills, the items are worn and loved again. The clothing company may be partnered with a charity donating money to a good cause. The clothing company may just have an ethical outlook where it tries to decrease its environmental impact and increase its labour standards. Most importantly it is about promoting less waste and more positive change in the fashion industry. 

Working to fight human trafficking

House of Beth sells preloved designer clothes on behalf of the anti human trafficking charity Red Light Campaign. A percentage (40-50%) of each purchase is given straight back to the charity which goes to benefit the survivors of human trafficking and prevent more trafficking from occurring.

For more information on human trafficking see here

Environmentally friendly fashion

The issue of waste in the textile industry is enormous accounting for 1.2m tonnes of clothes thrown nto landfills every year just in the UK. At House of Beth, we tackle the issues of waste through recycling (our preloved designer collections) and upcycling - making old, broken clothes into something new and spectacular. 

No Sweatshops

We make sure the ethical brands we work with not only produce stunning products but also have a careful environmental and employment policy. Everything we sell is made with love and care.


At House of Beth, we pride ourselves on using models of all races, nationalities, shapes and sizes and never, ever air-brush their faces. Rather than focusing on House of Beth’s values, our branding focuses on the style of our collections. House of Beth’s passion for fashion and female empowerment is reflected in our collections; our first two collections are inspired by the chic and influential icons Virginia Woolf and Audrey Hepburn.

House of Beth aims to raise the awareness of the fashion consumer to  question the labour behind the label and the ethics of prioritising consumption and production over humanity. It aims to promote the concept that a beautiful piece of clothing can be made from sustainable fabrics, by fairly treated workers.  House of Beth is a platform for promoting ethical fashion but not to the detriment of the quality or style of the clothing.

We are members of the Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship 500