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Sleep January 14 2013

 “To die, to sleep; To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;”
Hamlet, William Shakespeare

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House of Beth decided to collaborate with some student filmmakers, who had previously been filming the Olympics that summer. After a summer filled legacy – they found a church in Hampstead and decided to explore the female creative consciousness in the form of a fashion film. House of Beth provided a Halloween wardrobe filled with Karl Largerfeld gothic chic rather than The Adam’s family gothic bleak and the cameras rolled.
The film focuses on the female dream state – exploring ritual, sexuality and adornment. Each character daydreams about a traditionally female attribute, the dinner table, the seductive dance and the dining room piano. Throughout these daydreams, the attribute is approached as a sinister weapon rather than a symbol of domesticity. The girls come as daydream conquerors rather than demure damsels. Yet, ‘the reality’ shots have the girls dressed as demure nymphs, vulnerable & asleep at a flower-filled shrine. The surreal and assertive attitudes of the characters show what is permissible in daydreams, and catwalks, compared to reality.
House of Beth is committed to supporting student film directors and looks forward to similar projects in the future! If you’d like House of Beth to produce your fashion film and provide the outfits, apply to us at!
Love Beth x
Producers: Sarah Kendal and Talia Chain
Director: Dominique English
Cinematographer: Hannah-Claire Gordon
Editor: Becca Gore
Lights and Technical: Richard Kofi Burton, and Alan Haig-Thomas
Actors/models: Amika Ezer-Christie, Chloe Lloyd, Kate Noble

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Flight November 13 2012

"Flight" is a collaborative fashion film by ethical fashion platform, House of Beth, and director, Tamzin Haughton. It is a metaphorical representation of how having an eco-friendly lifestyle can benefit those that don't have freedom and suffer from corrupted captivity.

The dresses used in the film were donated to House of Beth's launch and Human Trafficking Charity fundraiser: Fashioned for Freedom. Each dress is from an ethical fashion brand that is committed to making enticing clothes from a sustainable source: Brands include Somewhere, Ada Zanditon, Zoe Boomber and Shadowplay NYC. 
Some items are still available on our website by People Tree, O'nitaa, Goodone and Ada Zanditon. Click on the link to check it out now:

Director: Tamzin Haughton
Cinematography and Editing by Ben Cole
Producer Sarah Kendal & Talia Chain
Make up artist: Poppy France 
Stylist: Asha Patel 
Stylist assistant: Nimo Ali
Wardrobe and Production assistant: Justine Silverstone
House of Beth head piece designer: Justine Silverstone
Dancers/Models: Emily Lewis Jaslyn Reader Louise May Parker Kanae Sutcliffe

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The film has been screened at 
Fashioned for Freedom 2012 - Fashion against trafficking 
Shoreditch House Ecover clothes swap 2012
Fashion Popcorn at the London Short Film Festival 2013

For more information on trafficking visit the Human Trafficking Foundation Website

Beth's Fashion Film June 26 2012